As a first year member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), I got to attend ImagingUSA for free. I wanted to take this opportunity to visit all the different print labs and booths to find what I think is the best products to offer. I’ve been happy with what I’ve offered so far, but I really want to offer books and albums, and printing of all sorts is becoming a TOP priority for me. I don’t want the images I create for you sitting on your hard-drive, but hanging on your wall, laying on your coffee table, and sitting on your desk, so you and all the world can see and enjoy them.

So I was on a mission to run my hands over every product. I wanted to know what they feel and smell like. I wanted to find something that was timeless, yet would stand out from the average. After many trips around the trade floor, my heart has settled on the aesthetics of two companies. One is hand made to order out of Portugal, don’t you just like the sound of that?! Portugal….mmmm :) And the other is a much more earthy/casual feel for albums. I plan on sourcing from both because they offer very different aesthetics.

I’ve discovered that I LOVE matte paper. I veer away from anything with shine or gloss to it. The deep matte option feels like silk in your hand. On those long days, I seriously considered laying down on the floor and using one of them as a pillow.

Some of my biggest takeaways from the conference were:

  • PRINT PRINT PRINT! Stop wasting money on digitals you’ll never look at again. DO something with these images!
  • I am creating ART pieces for your home to be enjoyed by you and everyone who sees them. When it comes to headshots, I am acting as your personal branding coach, making sure that your image fits with every aspect of what you want to portray.
  • Provide an amazing experience: From consultations that tell you everything you need to know so that you feel at ease and this is a fun experience, to putting the final touches on every piece of art for your home, down to making sure if fits perfectly with your décor.