Blogging for blogging's sake

It's all the rage, this blogging thing. I'm supposed to do it for SEO, marketing, blah, blah, blah, blah, bladdy, blah. 


I want to write, I do, but poop it's hard to do. 

If I write and you take the time to read, I want it to either be informative or, at the very least, interesting. 

Most photographers I see writing about their shoots, and I understand why, but I want to offer more than that. I'm on a journey here. Photography is something that I'm exploring all facets of at this point. It's a lot of my life, but not all of my life. I have an absurdly high number of other interests that I'm either pursuing or thinking about pursuing. Someday, I would like to be able to intersect these interests. They won't all be able to complement each other, but it seems everywhere I turn I see someone combining multiple subject matters, skills, or crafts into a new genre, new thing all together. So who knows what I might stumble across in the future. 

I'm a rambler when I talk, but writing it out seems to be a stumbling block. It's almost as though my mind is moving too fast and in too many different directions for my fingers to keep up. I've been told in counseling though that writing (albeit, she actually wanted me putting pen to paper) will help, because it forces my mind to slow down and allows for more meditative and deeper reflections. 

So if you decide to read my blogs, they will be a hodgepodge of everything. What I'm working on professionally, the business side, learning new photography skills, my other day jobs, my home life, my past life experiences, my other hobbies, my annoyances, my dreams, and, yes, some photography sessions.