Tiffany's Hen's Tea and Party

Oh Sydney, how I miss thee so.

Last September I traveled back to my second home of Australia for another dear friend’s wedding. Before the big day though, I got to kick off the celebrations with just the ladies. I started the morning out pretty darn early with a school fete in Wollongong to visit with the Jones family whom I used to nanny for. After a coffee and a quick hello, I was off to Sydney.

Sparing no luxury, we were staying at the Amora Hotel, a stone’s throw from Circular Quay. I even had a clear view of the Sydney Opera House from my room (well, a clear view of half of it, but I’m not complaining!). We spent some time there enjoying the comfy beds and spacious bathrooms, getting ourselves painted with perfection.

We headed down the street to the Langham Hotel. Delicately set tables and tea sets awaited us. The wait for food was worth it. Out came towers of delectables of all shapes and flavors. A top layer had sweets, the middle held savory, and the bottom was the traditional scones with cream and jam. It made me want to bring this tradition back to Kansas. I plan to be on the lookout in Wichita for such a feast, and if not, I might have to start my own. You don’t know what you’re missing!

Already filled to the brim, we headed towards Darling Harbor to finish the night at Cargo Bar. While it was right down memory lane from my days years ago as a partying backpacker and student in Sydney, my memory did not serve me too well in finding it. The sister of the groom and I headed off in the wrong direction. WAY in the wrong direction. Thank goodness for taxis. The heels were off by this point.

I was quite pleased when we arrived and I found out we had a whole section roped off for just our party. As the club got more and more filled with weekend revelers, it was nice to have some space to ourselves. We were served with tasty nibbles yet again, and despite being stuffed, found room try them all. Hats off to you, Cargo Bar, I wouldn’t have expected great food like that from a nightclub!


Despite considering myself an old fogie now and entirely expecting myself to be the first one to want to head back to the hotel, I ended up being the last one to want to leave. Thanks to Tiffany for being one of my dearest friends, and to all the other ladies for organizing and coming along to support her.