Faith and Micaela *Senior*

I kept looking at my weather app, day after day, hoping that we would luck out. My first Senior portrait session experience and it said rainy, windy and cold right after we agreed on a date, argh. Yet, as it is in Kansas, the forecast changed about five times before the day. It finally settled on VERY windy, COLD, and partially cloudy last day of winter. The sun peaked through just enough J

My cousins generously donated their time to help me build my portfolio and confidence. Despite a lot of failed posing experiments (including hair tucking that ended up a full salute, lol), we did get a fair number of quite lovely shots!

We started downtown, exploring doorways and alleys. I’m loving Old Town’s green doors and red brick! Then we moved over to Chisholm Creek Park for the outdoorsy photos. Chisholm Creek provided a thorough wind break and we worked with the arched trees that partially cover a dirt trail to nowhere, just off the main track. I was hoping to finish up with a sunset background at Cheney Lake, but when the wind is so strong that there are white caps on the north side, you know it’s too windy. We tried, and boy were they troopers. I had a sweater AND a wind breaker on, and was still freezing. Faith just stood out there in her favorite tank top like it was a breezy summer day!

The first go at something is always the hardest. Perfection is still a lifetime away, but, man, it’s good to have jumped that initial hurdle.